Any person or firm, company or Corporation or any other body of individuals whether incorporated or not, having a place of business in Karachi and in possession of a valid Customs Agents License and desirous of the Association may be eligible for the membership of the Association.
All members of the existing Karachi Customs Agents Group, who has already completed one year of membership, shall be admitted as Member, upon registration of this Association.
(i) Every such person or Firm, shall submit his/her or their application to the General Secretary of the Association who shall place such application or applications before the Managing Committee of the Association at its next meeting, who shall either accept or reject the same.
(ii) No further application by a rejected applicant shall be entertained for a period of three months from the date of such rejection and the fees paid by such applicant shall be refunded.
(A) The membership shall be for a period of 1 year renewable on furnishing proof of filling of a return of income under the income tax ordinance 2001 for the last preceding assessment year.
Except as hereafter provided, a Firm shall not cease to be a member only by a change in the constitution of the firm occasioned by the admission, expulsion, retirement or death of partner or proprietor etc, provided the business of this firm is continued in the conventional name in which such firm etc was enrolled as member.

Representation of  a Member

  • (a) Not more than one representative of member firm, shall be entitled to participate in the meeting and elections of the Association provided such representative shall be, proprietor, or partner or Director or Manager in case of a Lady member firm. The name and the designation of such representative of members shall be properly entered in the Register kept for the purpose by the Association.Representative may be changed on advance notice in writing to the Secretary of the Association. Identification cards will be issued by the Association to such representative.
  • (b) A member shall be eligible to vote in election after completion of one year of membership provided that member fulfills the condition stipulated for renewal of membership in clause (6)(ii)(A).

Incidence of  Membership

  • Every member of the Association shall confirm to and be bound by the articles of the Association for the time being in force as well as the Bye-Laws that may be framed from time to time in pursuance of the powers given under these articles.

Cessation of Membership

One shall cease to be member of the Association: – 

(a)  If any arrears remain unpaid after the last date mentioned in written notice from the office of the Association for that purpose. 

(b)  In case of an individual if he has been adjudged to be of unsound mind or if he is convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude. 

(c)  In case of firm or company if it has been dissolved or liquidated or declared insolvent. 

(d)  If the License of member is revoked by the customs authorities and his appeal is finally dismissed. 

(e) If the member has been expelled by the General Body at the recommendation of the Managing Committee for violation of any rules or Bye-Laws of the Association as in force from time to time or for breach of trust, misbehavior or causing any misgivings amongst the members. 

(f)  If the member has withdrawn from the Association by giving one month’s advance notice to the Secretary.


(a) The member whose name is to be removed shall be informed of the proposal at least 20 days before the date of the meeting of the General Body by a notice in writing, delivered at his last known place of business, to enable him to be present and to defend himself. 

(b)  A member can only be expelled by 2/3rd majority of the members present in General Body Meeting. 

(c)  A member expelled shall have the right to have his case reviewed by the General Body after three months when an Extra Ordinary General Meeting has been called for the purpose and to have that issue decided by 2/3rd majority of members present at the meeting.

(d)  Member expelled shall be entitled to apply for the membership after the expiry of a period of one year reckoned from such expulsion. 

(e)  Any member expelled or who has resigned shall not in anyway be absolved from any liabilities or any dues accrued, and remained unpaid during the period of his membership.


  • (a) Admission Fee for the members shall be Rs.2000/- (One Thousand) or as it may be decided by the General Body from time to time. Any member shall have on changing the name of his firm to put in a fresh application for membership in which case admission fee shall be charged afresh.
  • (b) Annual Subscription on Rs.1000/- per member.

Membership Form
Download Membership Application Form


  • Fill in the relevant information.

  • Print two copies, one for your records and one to be submitted.

  • Get the relevant persons to sign and date the form where required.


      Documents required to be submitted with Membership Application Form

  • 2-Photograph of Proprietor / Partners / Directors

  • Custom House Agents License

  • C.N.I.C of Proprietor / Partners / Directors

  • National Tax (NTN) Certificate

  • Sales Tax Registration Certificate

  • Partnership Deed (In case of partnership firm)

  • Articles and Memorandum (in case of Limited Firm)

      (Copies of above documents except the photograph will be retained for record and the originals will be returned on the spot.)